Promoting reference models for the evolution of new governance models for participatory research and the experimentation of innovative systems requires new research on the design and implementation of related regulatory systems. The work will focus on forms to regulate and promote “carbon markets”, as well as facilitate access and use of data by consumers, while providing incentives for them to invest in ways to generate value through data in association with “Human Agency”.

This includes the combination of anonymized data from different sources to produce new and valuable insights and services. In addition, rules should evolve in a way to fight against “mendacity” and, in contrast, to foster "fact checking". Also, to promote safeguard situations of illegal transfer of data without notification, for example by the “cloud” service provider without traceability, while promoting the development of interoperability standards so that data is reused across sectors.

In addition, the rules of governance must boost research and innovation, foster growth and competitiveness and help smaller companies and start-ups to compete with very large players, in particular those who have the ability to copy their features, acquire them or block their business.

Overall, this requires understating new regulatory systems and evolving forms of technology and innovation governance, including the regulation of carbon markets together with digital platforms and digital standards.

It should also be noted that emerging regulatory issues and related forms of “smart regulation” should help promoting critical approaches to decentralized digital networks and AI, with clear accountability and clarity about boundaries and purpose, together with individual responsibility.