Pilot Projects and Initiatives, at launching phase

The initiative K4P Alliances is based on the implementation of long-term sustainable collaborative projects in Latin America and Africa that stimulate research and innovation activities with the active participation of local communities.

The projects are expected to leverage existing activities developed by governmental and/or non-governmental organizations over the last few years, in a way that builds on existing capacities and experience.

Their future expansion and sustainability consider collaborative institutional frameworks promoting cultural movements throughout all areas of knowledge to foster the use of data derived from Earth Observation systems in combination with other advanced data acquisition and processing systems. The ultimate goal is to enable innovative policies and practices driven by new research dealing with complex landscapes, including those in vulnerable urban areas and rural landscapes.

The paragraphs below briefly describe projects in different stages of preparation and development, some of which will take the form of collaborative laboratories engaging people and experts throughout all areas of knowledge and involving interface and intermediation activities with the public and private sectors, as well as civil society organizations and local actors.

Most of projects resulted from the follow-up of the meeting and related discussions organized in the Arrábida Convent, September 5-7, 2022, by the Institute for Prospective Studies. All the projects leverage existing activities and build on activities developed over the last few years. They are being subjected to assessment processes and funding reviews, in a project-by-project base, to be followed by their potential implementation in the coming years.

Main Projects
  1. Cape Verde Innovation Centre for Green and Blue Growth
  2. Guinea Biodiversity Laboratory
  3. African Institute of Innovation and Digital Systems for Green and Blue Growth
  4. Collaborative laboratory BE-SUSTAIND Africa
  5. South African Collaboratory on Applied Remote Sensing for Sustainable Growth
  6. Collaborative laboratory on data ecologies towards environmental health
  7. Collaborative Laboratory on sanitation, water quality and environmental risk governance
  8. Amazon Collaboratory
  9. BS2 – Sustainable and Healthy Biomes: Sustainable Landscapes, Ecosystem Restoration and Carbon Farming